Claiming a crate that says "contact me", but no contact info is available

I am interested in claiming the sign crate, which is currently owned by swmon. As with most of the crates that user has published, it says

Contact me if you want to use this name!

Unfortunately, there's neither contact information on that page nor on their GitHub. Their only repository is a fork with no new commits, so I can't get an email from there either.

Is there a process to claim a crate like this? The intent seems to be clear, but there doesn't seem to be a way to easily obtain control.


There seems to be some "squatters" of the crates system: Please conside DELETING spam crates own by swmon · Issue #1747 · rust-lang/ · GitHub

I presume they are/were hoping to make money by selling the name on at some point.

All that junk should be deleted.


Thanks @ZiCog. Looks like they still don't allow transferring crates, even when abandoned and empty, unfortunately. Let's hope we can get a formal policy at some point.

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Any change to our current policy will need to be made via RFC, which anyone can propose and work on getting community and team consensus on. You may be interested in this proposal, which has stagnated.


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