Cisco, Rust and zeroMQ


Found such an interesting topic:

ZeroMQ: Helping us Block Malicious Domains in Real Time

I wonder who are those people from Cisco which developin Rust. It is limited to OpenDNS project or anything else is developed in Rust, @ Cisco?

Any clues?

Interest to zeroMQ is kind of general.



Link above points to zmq repo, so here is the link for the article:


this is @erickt


That’s great! I didn’t know Cisco was using Rust, or my zeromq library! I’m not sure what they’re doing with it but maybe @jedisct1 might know? That article suggested they may be at Cisco.


They ditched all the Rust code and rewrote it in Python right after I left the company.


I wrote more info on how Rust and ZeroMQ were used here:

But all of this was abandoned.


I realize this is from a few years ago, but do you know why they ditched Rust?


Nothing against Rust, really. The whole system worked wonderfully. But priorities changed before the acquisition, people left, projects were abandoned, newcomers came up with the same ideas and implemented them in a language they were familiar with.


jedisct1, are you an ex-employee of Cisco or you just know people which used to work before? Or none of ex-OpenDNS people agreed to work for Cisco, in any potential case?

Guess what: our Ukrainian office was unhappy cause I asked about that. Despite that they did some marketing for Umbrella product, on a forum.



I left before the acquisition. Some people left shortly after, a lot of people stayed. This is completely off-topic no matter what.