Chrome/rust/wasm32/winit : grab cursor : how to detect movement


  1. Rust/wasm32 running on Chrome

  2. We are using winit

  3. We are building fps game and successfully grab cursor via Window in winit::window - Rust

  4. We try to print out the mouse movement via:

            WindowEvent::CursorMoved { position, .. } => {
      , position.y);

understandably, position (type PhysicalPosition) does not change after cursor grab

What should I be monitoring ? there is MouseInput (fur button clicks) and MouseWheel (for wheel), but no MouseMoved event.


I wouldn't use WASM for mouse movement detection/monitoring, I would use JS (easier and you can do alot) and you can simply send the details to wasm (x,y, event)

I think the solution is DeviceEvent in winit::event - Rust but I need to figure uot how to receive DeviceEvents

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