Check string contain a-z

How can I check a string contain a-z?

Do you want to check if the string contains at least one lowercase alphabet character?

my_string.chars().any(|c| matches!(c, 'a'..='z'))
    some_string.bytes().all(|b| matches!(b, b'a'..=b'z'))

Yes! It work !
Thanks so much!

Yeah, I got it!
Thanks for your replay!

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Instead of using the matches!() macro you can also use the various methods on char. The char::is_ascii_lowercase() method would do the same thing.

some_string.chars().all(|c| c.is_ascii_lowercase())

I need check contain any letter, like:
"1,2,3" => false
"1,2,3,a" => true

char::is_ascii_lowercase() not work

In this case, you want any instead of all.

let s = "1,2,3";
let a = s.chars().any(|c| c.is_ascii());

a is still true

You are probably looking for char::is_ascii_alphanumeric(). I'd suggest having a skim through the various char::is_* methods because the docs tell you the exact characters they'll match.

In this case the comma (,) and the arabic numerals (0, 1, .., 9) are all valid ascii characters, so s.chars().any(|c| c.is_ascii()) will correctly return true.

Thanks so much !
char::is_ascii_alphanumeric() work !

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