Check proper rustup + cargo install


I'm trying to run a Helium Blockchain node, which is dependent on a few things - one being rustup.

I am working on a linux server and installed the default
curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

I then am able to run rustup --version && cargo --version to see the proper latest version. I also see the .cargo/bin in my PATH vars.

The help I got from the Helium Blockchain team was to check my install. Is there any additional tests I can check to see a proper install?

Maybe you could also tell us what doesn't work, i. e. what kind of error you're running into.

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Yep - good call.

Basically there is a make file that comes from this repo.
And I am receiving this error:

sh: 1: exec: cargo: not found ===> Hook for compile failed!

Still having some issues. The machine I'm installing on has multiple users, so the $HOME env var is different for each. Where should rustup be installed in that case?

You need to install as root I think.


Doing so seems to have some downsides.

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