Check bit equiv of f32/f64?

How do I check if two f32 or two f64 are bit equiv? In particular, different NaNs should compare as "not equal"

You can call to_bits() and compare that.


I just reinvented

pub struct F32(pub f32);

pub struct F64(pub f64);

impl F32 {
    pub fn as_i32_bit(&self) -> i32 {
        let t = &self.0 as &f32 as *const f32 as *const i32;
        unsafe { *t }

Is my code above safe? (I'm not sure if I am using unsafe correctly.)

Just call f.to_bits().


Why bother reinventing the wheel?

I reinvented the wheel before reading @cuviper 's suggestion -- and now I am curious if my reinvention is safe or if it results in undefined behaviour.

Your code is sound, and is equivalent to f32::to_bits.


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