CGN meetup: Web Development with Rust


Does Rust have the neccessary ingredients for web development (yet)? Let’s find out in our next meetup on Wednesday 2017-03-01, 19:15 CET, which might turn into a series… :wink:


  • What’s so hard about writing a Slack client in Rust? – by Matthias Endler

“I’ll just write a simple API wrapper for that. Give me two hours.” Does that sound
oddly familiar? Don’t be fooled: writing an easy to use, idiomatic abstraction layer
is a lot of work - in any language. I want to tell you my story about writing a Slack
client in Rust. From documentation to testing and error handling there’s a lot of
pitfalls to avoid and laughs to share.

  • Diesel – Type Safe SQL – by Pascal Hertleif

Better refuel before we get started, this is a “Choose Your Own Adventure” talk
— where the audience decides into which rabbit hole(s) we go down. Writing an
actual app? Sure! Type system excursions? Always? Or maybe something about
our test shenanigans? And of course fields of generated code as far as the eye
can see!

Enjoy some drinks, meet nice people and discuss with us about Rust!

You can register here.

We are looking forward to seeing you. :slight_smile:

Jan-Erik, Pascal, Florian and Colin

The meetup will likely be held in German, we will however reevaluate this at the
beginning of the evening and may switch to English if needed.


Are you recording those talks?


If speakers agree we might do so, but I can’t promise it.


Hooray the recordings just went online. ^^

  1. What’s so hard about writing a Slack Client in Rust? (*) - by Matthias Endler / @mre
  2. Diesel: Type-Safe SQL - by Pascal Hertleif / @killercup

(*) Please note, that we had some minor audio hick-ups in the first ~10 minutes of the first talk.

Tip: You can subscribe to the official Rust youtube channel for updates on new videos. :slight_smile:

PS: Big thanks to both speakers and @florob for recording.
PPS: You can also follow the RSS-feed on our own Rust Cologne talk archive.