CGN: Crate Polishing Workshop + April Fools' Special ^^

Fellow Rustaceans,

Our next meetup in Cologne / Germany is set for the first Wednesday in April: 2017-04-05, 19:15 CET.

Based on your feedback at the end of the last meetup, we have decided to try a Crate Polishing Meetup this time around. This basically means we will choose a crate we consider important and try to make it better/nicer to use. Whether that means adding documentation, examples, or fixing bugs is up to you. Which crate to polish will be decided at the beginning of the meetup.

If you have a suggestion, feel free to comment in our planning issue. Don't be shy to suggest your own crates – it's even better if the maintainer/author is present!

Oh, and before we forget: This is actually a preliminary plan! Do you remember how last year we had Alex Crichton, a member of the Rust core team, celebrate Rust's 1.0 anniversary with us? We might have another visitor from the core team in April this time! We can't make any promises, but will let you know as soon as we have more details!

You can register here.

See you soon!

Your Rust Cologe Organizers,
Colin, Florian, Jan-Erik, and Pascal

The meetup will likely be held in English, due to our potential special guest.

Fellow Rustaceans!

A few weeks ago we announced our next Meetup, which is happening next Wedneday, April 5, 2017. We also mentioned we might have a special guest – which we can now confirm!

We are very proud to announce that Gary Newvan, member of the Rust core team, and developer at Facepunch Studios, will join us! He spared no expense and effort to come from somewhere in the middle of England to our beautiful city near the Rhine, just to meet us! (And not because he is giving a workshop for a company in the area.)

So, our new agenda for next Wednesday is this: Gary will give a short talk about Building a Community Around Rust (which we are totally a part of), and after that (and some time to ask questions) we'll dive into the orignally planned crate polishing together.

See you on Wednesday!

Your Rust Cologe Organizers,
Colin, Florian, Jan-Erik, and Pascal

P.S.: There seems to be some confusion about how to install Rust lately. We want to mention that you should not install it with obscure terminal commands that are hard to verify, and are known to contain malware (which is even worse as these scripts will require root privileges!). Please always get Rust from an official source, like Humble (here). Stay safe!


In case you wonder - the whole Gary Newvan thing was just an April Fools' joke. We are looking forward to some nice crate polishing with you (without a special guest). :wink: