Cgmath looking for new maintainers


After a very brief look at the cgmath and nalgebra APIs I don’t see any reason why the dimensioned or uom (I’m the author of this library) unit libraries couldn’t be used. Both can wrap at least f32 and f64 and based on the current functionality of these libraries I don’t think official support (being in the rust-lang-nursery or rust-lang groups) is really necessary. More polish and testing to get the libraries to 1.0 is what’s really needed.


As a follow-up to my previous comment, I have released the nalgebra-glm crate. This offers a simple, straight-to-the-point API for game development based exclusively on matrices and vectors (and quaternions if you need them). All the types are aliases to nalgebra types to ensure you can still work with nalgebra too (and other libraries like nphysics) without difficulties.

The API of nalgebra-glm is very inspired from the very popular C++ GLM library. You will find its rustdoc-generated documentation there. I hope this will help newcomers to have a nicer starting point for game development in Rust (as far as math is concerned) without preventing them to reach more advanced feature by using nalgebra itself too (alonside nalgebra-glm) at some point! Hopefully this will also help existing developers to transition from cgmath to nalgebra if they want to.


Oh, that’s really great! I’m glad this thread inspired you! I’ve always been really impressed at your high-quality work on nalgrabra (and the related crates), and am glad that you are continuing to figure out how to solve these hard API design problems.


@bjz @Rhuagh how would you feel about updating the cgmath readme to recommend nalgebra-glm as a more actively maintained library?