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So it's an open-source test data generator? Cool, I guess. But, I did some digging on that site, on the landing page, download page, contacts, about us, and I still have no idea what is the business backing this project. What is on offer, what are the prices and conditions. What do you expect people to pay for and how they're supposed to do it.

The business backing for this is that it was originally created by the Shuttle team (and still lives in their GitHub organization). There is nothing to pay for, and you do "it" by using the command line program (We are working on integrations with Python and JS though).

I see. I got confused because the blog (linked on that site and in this announcement) has posts about building a startup, but there is no mention of which startup it is anywhere on the site (as far as I could find in five minutes).

Yeah, I should probably make that more clear somewhere on the website.

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