Casting pointers and intermediaries

I've been porting some old C/C++ code to Rust lately, and wanted to cast a sockaddr_ll to a function that takes a *const sockaddr.

&sall as *const sockaddr doesn't work, because the compiler plainly says that the conversion can't be done. I had a similar issue a while back, and Someone(tm) on some forum stated "just insert a as *const _ between the two and it'll probably work. Indeed it did, and it did this time as well.

I know _ is telling the compiler to infer what the type should be [if it can] -- but how does it reason to deduce what it needs to insert?

When you write an_immutable_ref as *const T, the type T can only be the same as the type of the immutable reference, so that's what it will pick for your underscore.


I realize I kind of asked the wrong question, but the way you answered it provided the answer I was actually looking for.

So basically rust allows pointer-to-pointer casts but it does not allow you to go directly from a &T to a *const U, one needs to first "bring &T into the pointer-world": &T -> *const T -> *const U.

Is this a somewhat correct mental model?

Exactly. If you want to go from &T to *const U, then Rust will make you be explicit about that by forcing you to cast twice.


Furthremore, it is recommended to use the .cast() method on raw pointers instead of ptr as *const T, so as to avoid accidentally mixing up (or introducing) mutability.

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