Cargo web start w/o internet connection?

Is it possible to run cargo web start without an internet connection?

Without an internet connection, I seem to be able to run cargo unit tests fine from IntelliJ -- however, when I try to do cargo web start, it appears to freeze.

Preparation steps:

rustup default stable
rustup update stable
cargo install cargo-web -f

If I've previously compiled it using cargo web start --release (With internet to download crates) then I do find that it works without internet:
If I cargo clean first, (But this is after I've previously compiled, so crates are cached), then it also happens to work, so perhaps you're missing something?

IntelliJ can be rather finicky with terminal output especially with run configurations. It's probably best to use the terminal for this.

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One thing I am doing differently is that I am using rust nightly (both from IntelliJ and from cargo web start).

Why is rust default stable important? (It looks like you took the effort to bold default).

I actually didn't :sweat_smile:, my code is formatted as follows:

rustup default stable
rustup update stable
cargo install cargo-web -f

So it might just not recognize sh, because it thinks default is a keyword in rust:


I chose stable to make sure that we're talking about the same thing. I'll retry with nightly.

No need. I'll take it from here. Thanks for providing a "working solution" -- I'll diff it against mine until I figure out what's wrong with mine.


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Ah, alright, also, sorry for the late reply, rustup update nightly-2019-09-06 was taking a while so I got carried away with something else.