Cargo web start, aws lambda, redirecting requests

Short Problem Statement:

I want to use cargo web start in a way such that all post/get requests to /api gets forwarded to (and the response forwarded back through cargo web start.

Longer Problem Statement:

I am building an app with client side = rust/wasm32, server side = rust/aws lambda (via musl). Right now, when I work on the client side, it has no access to the aws lambda functions, and as a result, many things are not easy to test.

I don't want to edit aws lambda config to eliminate cross origin checks.

What I want is to modify my localhost / local dev environment, so that

  1. browser is pointed at :localhost:???? cargo web start
  2. browser still makes requests to /api
  3. cargo web start or something else, intercepts these api requests, forwards it to, and forwards the response back to the browser