Cargo update break the package dependency

My project relies on nightly-2019-01-11 and I rely on package like futures-core-preview=v0.3.0-alpha12 to build. However, I run cargo update and future-core-preview has been removed and replaced with alpha 15 and all the code has been broken. I’m wondering if there is any way to force rust to use a specific package version specified in cargo.toml? Or how can I rollback the cargo update change?

My cargo.toml has something like: futures_new = { package = "futures-preview", version = "0.3.0-alpha.12"} but that is not respected in cargo build.

Thanks much for help!

If you really need a specifc version you can do something like version = '=1.0.0'. This isn’t recommended for general use, but this case seems fine.

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Thank for help! Problem solved!

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