Cargo still generating .a files on Windows with Rust-msvc?


Apparently static libraries built with cargo on Windows still carry the .a suffix when using the MSVC toolchain.

However from the comments on Windows: Static libraries should end with .lib not .a when using the MSVC ABI install · Issue #29508 · rust-lang/rust · GitHub I understood that Rust 1.6 release already had the fixes for generating .lib instead.

Am I misunderstanding it?


That change just got merged on January 21, right after the 1.6 release, at which point it becomes part of the current nightly compiler. Once every 6 weeks, the current nightly becomes the current beta, and the current beta becomes the current release. So this change won't be present in the stable compiler until 1.8. If you want it now, you can grab a nightly compiler instead.

Thanks for the clarification.

I can surely wait.

Apparently I need to improve my Git-Fu, as I couldn't get which version had