Cargo : SSL connect error

I'm using a corporate network which runs on a proxy server i used the proxy setting in config file i.e (Home/.cargo/config) but after that it gives me error like

failed to download package 'nanomsg v 0.4.0'

caused by:
SSL connect error

Just a wild guess. That proxy breaks SSL open and you need to allow the proxy's root certificate $somehow.

for that what should i do ..??? please

Do you have the URL that it's breaking on? I'm thinking if you open that URL in IE and click on the certificate error you should be able to accept the certificate (or install the certificate). Then other applications would accept it. At the very least you should be able to download the certificate and google how to install it in the "Trusted Root Certification Authorities store".

If you don't have the URL, maybe try opening and see if that generate a certificate error, I'm guessing that is the server it's trying to talk to.

But there is no such error regarding certificate. it's working properly in all IE and also chrome. even though it working good in ubuntu but not in windows only. :confused:

Not sure then, I just did a quick test with a cargo and a proxy and it worked for me. My cargo version is:

cargo 0.5.0-nightly (833b947 2015-09-13)

There does seem to be issues with older versions of cargo when proxies were not supported.

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