cargo purge package on


I'm looking for how to permanently purge a package on the site for one version or for all versions.

Thank you for your help.

You can use the cargo yank command to mark a version as unavailable. If you yank all of the published versions, the crate's information will no longer be viewable on and Cargo will refuse to add it to new projects.

However, yanking does not completely delete a crate. An existing project with a Cargo.lock file created before the crate was yanked will still be allowed to use the yanked version. In special circumstances where yanking is insufficient (for example, if a crate accidentally contains personally identifying information, or violates someone else's copyright), you can contact the team to request a complete removal.


If it has a security vulnerability or was an accident you can yank it (which prevents it from being listed but still allows downloads of it), but will only outright remove packages if they break the Rust Code of Conduct or the law.


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