Cargo installed packages list randomly resets


I've been using the cargo-update subcommand to update installed binaries for a long time, today after checking for updates with cargo-update I noticed that the only package checked for updates was topgrade, but over the years I've installed many others binaries with cargo, indeed my .cargo/bin folder contains many others packages, but cargo install --list only shows one package, is there any reason why this could be happening or it could be a bug to report?

Could it be possible you changed the CARGO_HOME environment variable?

Not that I'm aware of, I never set CARGO_HOME explicitly

Do you have an old version of cargo-update? Cargo has switched from git registries to sparse index, and old tooling may be looking at the git checkout that doesn't get updated any more.

Try rm -rf ~/.cargo/registry/

I have the latest version of cargo-update cargo-install-update 13.0.4, I tried to remove the registry folder but cargo still see just one package.

Sounds like cargo-update is broken. I just have a one-liner for listing all the packages:

cargo install --list | rg '^[\w-]+' -o

And then I give each of those to cargo install.

I don't think is a cargo-update issue, cargo list itself list only a package so your script only list that.

cargo keeps information about installed crates in ~/.cargo/.crates.toml and ~/.cargo/.crates2.json.
So if cargo install --list isn't telling you anything anymore, then most likely these files have been modified. You should try figure out what touches them.

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