Cargo install workspace

We’re using workspace in our private enterprise project and the cargo install doesn’t work anymore.

found a virtual manifest at `path/Cargo.toml` instead of a package manifest

Using cargo install * or cargo install --path * doesn’t work either.

error: could not find `Cargo.lock` in /mnt/c/Imeka/diffima/subproject1
... repeat N times for other projects ...
Summary Failed to install subproject1, Cargo.lock, Cargo.toml, ...

We do not use the simple bin/ and lib/ division, but a star pattern, all leading to a core lib. I understand that I can use

cargo install --path subproject1
cargo install --path subproject2

but it was more pleasant to type: cargo install and that’s it. Is there a way to install all binaries in a workspace project?

    cargo build --all

Works for building everything in a workspace. I’m not sure if --all works if install but that would be my guess.

Thank you. Yes, I’m aware of cargo build --all. It seems it’s identical to cargo build so I don’t need to use it. And cargo install --all doesn’t exist.

Btw, sorry, my sentence in bold was asking for a way to “build” all binaries, my bad. I want a way to “install” all binaries, like cargo install does in a non-workspace project.

Such functionality is currently missing.