Cargo: how to "import" dependency versions from another dependent crate?

To mitigate cargo dependency hell I'm trying to see if there is a way to track the version of a larger crate that includes the same dependency as mine.

Simple example: my crate depends on ureq (an http client library), which depends on url; and my crate also depends on url directly. How can I say "my version of url should be exactly the same as the one used by ureq"?

There's no use case I can see for me hardcoding url's version, as if I update ureq, updating any url-related breakage at the same time seems the correct thing to do.

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For minor versions, it's done automatically for you. There can be only one minor version of each crate in the project.

For major versions, you can't. ureq should have pub use url; to re-export its own version.

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Thank you!

I have a dupe of base64 where I have both 0.11 and 0.12 pulled in, which looks like a minor version to me. Is this due to the different rules for 0.x vs >=1.x? If so, I guess it's some consolation it'll get better when crates emerge from "beta".

Crates re-exporting their dependencies is a passable workaround when the use is close by (as in the ureq/url case) but not a fix when it is a project-level invariant that you want to avoid dupes, base64 is a better example here, it could be used by 2 totally unrelated modules, where you don't want to include an extra spurious dependency on some upper level library in a module that does not need it, just to solve this problem.

Yes. Cargo treats the first non-zero component like the “major” version, for pre-1.0 crates.

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