Cargo check stuck at final for a long time

System Info

  • Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon x64
  • cargo 1.52.0 (69767412a 2021-04-21)
  • rustc 1.52.1

I try to cargo check or cargo build the project rucash, but it stuck a long time, and cargo test worked fine.
There is the same problem in Window7x64, but it can be built in Window7x32.
I try to get more information by cargo check --verbose, but it only shows as below.
Do I make something wrong??

Checking rucash v0.1.2 (/home/zps/文件/備份/Knowledge/myCode/Rust/rucash)
Running rustc --crate-name rucash --edition=2018 src/ --error-format=json --json=diagnostic-rendered-ansi --crate-type cdylib --crate-type rlib --emit=dep-info,metadata -C embed-bitcode=no -C debuginfo=2 -C metadata=480afe3c02165aad -C extra-filename=-480afe3c02165aad --out-dir '/home/zps/文件/備份/Knowledge/myCode/Rust/rucash/target/debug/deps' -C 'incremental=/home/zps/文件/備份/Knowledge/myCode/Rust/rucash/target/debug/incremental' -L 'dependency=/home/zps/文件/備份/Knowledge/myCode/Rust/rucash/target/debug/deps' --extern 'chrono=/home/zps/文件/備份/Knowledge/myCode/Rust/rucash/target/debug/deps/libchrono-1252c6f495421c85.rmeta' --extern 'criterion=/home/zps/文件/備份/Knowledge/myCode/Rust/rucash/target/debug/deps/libcriterion-7483a61ed6976d44.rmeta' --extern 'futures=/home/zps/文件/備份/Knowledge/myCode/Rust/rucash/target/debug/deps/libfutures-bde93ab73faa42e5.rmeta' --extern 'rust_decimal=/home/zps/文件/備份/Knowledge/myCode/Rust/rucash/target/debug/deps/librust_decimal-9c3fe71c64999d64.rmeta' --extern 'rust_decimal_macros=/home/zps/文件/備份/Knowledge/myCode/Rust/rucash/target/debug/deps/' --extern 'sqlx=/home/zps/文件/備份/Knowledge/myCode/Rust/rucash/target/debug/deps/libsqlx-706a4d61990c5c39.rmeta' -L 'native=/home/zps/文件/備份/Knowledge/myCode/Rust/rucash/target/debug/build/libsqlite3-sys-a4d78e5c4ce7497d/out'
Building [=======================> ] 417/418: rucash

Just a guess, is something else using the file? It might be waiting for exclusive access to the data. That is the sort of thing that programs often wait for instead of crashing.

Thanks a lot.
I try to reboot, but it does not work.
However, I try cargo update, and it works, amazing!!

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