Cargo check not compiling despite code does

I am confused why cargo check does not compile (wanted to use clippy)
but cargo build does??

I try to use it in the following project: GitHub - gabyx/RsMarkdown2PDF-Service: Learning material/implementation of a simple `markdown` to `pdf` converting service using Rust, kind, Tilt, just, Nix
I get lots of compiler warnings such as:

  --> /home/nixos/.cargo/registry/src/
32 | ...replace(UnfoldState::Empty) {
   |            ^^^^^^^^^^^ use of undeclared type `UnfoldState`

error[E0433]: failed to resolve: use of undeclared type `UnfoldStateProjReplace`
  --> /home/nixos/.cargo/registry/src/
33 |                 UnfoldStateProjReplace::Value { value } => Some(value),
   |                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ use of undeclared type `UnfoldStateProjReplace`

Some errors have detailed explanations: E0412, E0422, E0432, E0433, E0514, E0574.
error: could not compile `futures-util` (lib) due to 1371 previous errors

What key insight do I miss here? Somehow cargo build does compile differently...?

It seams after a cargo clean everything builds? Why could that be??

Computer's haunted.

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cargo/rustc detection of what needs to be recompiled is wonky in some cases.

Thats true, sometimes experiences mutliple times rebuilds in tokio/rocket although it already compiled it...

That's different. Multiple rebuilds are probably related to feature unification - you having a workspace, different members of a workspace depend on tokio/rocket with different features and you are using cargo run or cargo check with -p xxx.

To check you can run something like cargo tree -f '{p} {f}' --prefix none | grep -v '(*)' | sort -u. If you see the same version of any crate with multiple sets of features listed - that's it.

Possibly it is related to cache invalidation if the build configuration is changed between runs.

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