Cargo cache 0.8.0 released: now with crate source verification

Hey everyone, I just released cargo-cache 0.8.0!

Cargo cache is a small tool that helps manage and inspect cargos local every-growing download cache, the place where it stores all the crate dependencies downloaded from

Most notably is the update to clap 3 and a new verify subcommand.

cargo cache verify will try to find corrupted or modified crate sources in cargos download cache. I got the idea when one of the rustc devs got test failures inside rustc because they forgot they had modified the crate sources of one of the dependencies of rustc. If any of the files of the extracted sources have a different size, are missing from or cannot be found in the corresponding .crate archive, cargo-cache verify will be able to tell you and offer to remove the corrupted sources (don't worry, cargo build will re-extract it automatically if it needs it again).

Happy holidays! :slight_smile:

Github repo
0.8.0 changelog

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