Cargo builds with nightly?

I'm trying to compile Rust from git and it compiles perfectly fine. However, Cargo compilation fails with these errors:

  Compiling libz-sys v0.1.1
/Users/cyberax/.cargo/registry/src/ 209:50 error: obsolete syntax: `:`, `&mut:`, or `&:`
/Users/cyberax/.cargo/registry/src/     let (s, ch) = take_nonempty_prefix(rdr, |&: c| c.is_digit(10));
note: rely on inference instead
/Users/cyberax/.cargo/registry/src/ 217:49 error: obsolete syntax: `:`, `&mut:`, or `&:`
/Users/cyberax/.cargo/registry/src/     let (s,ch) = take_nonempty_prefix(rdr, |&: c| c.is_alphanumeric());
/Users/cyberax/.cargo/registry/src/ 620:36 error: obsolete syntax: `:`, `&mut:`, or `&:`
/Users/cyberax/.cargo/registry/src/         let require_literal = |&: c| {

The Cargo source code usually lags behind the nightlies quite a bit.

However, the binary nightlies work fine. If you're not hacking on Cargo, you may as well use those. If you are hacking on Cargo, fixing it for nightly is a great start :wink:

Until breaking changes stop happening you're going to have this problem.

For some reason, binary builds of Cargo fail for me (because of hyphenated crate names, I think). Oh well, I'll just switch to binary Rust builds for now.