Cargo-auto : automation tasks written in Rust language for the build process of rust projects

Im happy to announce cargo-auto : automation tasks written in Rust language for the build process of rust projects.
There are many different build systems and task runners there: make, cmake, shell scripts, cargo-make, cargo-script, cargo-run-script, runner, python scripts, powershell scripts, cmd prompt scripts, ...
Sadly there is no standard in the rust community for now.
I want something similar to, so I can write my "tasks" in pure rust. I don't want to learn another meta language with weird syntax and difficult to debug. So I will make something really simple, easy, rusty and extensible.
Please, try it.

See also GitHub - matklad/cargo-xtask


When I searched in for task I didn't find cargo-xtask. Strange. So I missed it.
I added it to my list of alternatives.
I will have a look.

There is now also a library: cargo_auto_lib
Library crate for common tasks when building rust projects.
It is intended for use with cargo-auto - automation tasks written in Rust language.
If instead of cargo auto new you use cargo auto new with_lib the created automation_scripts_rs will contain dependency to cargo_auto_lib.
Many common tasks are here ready to be used and improved.

The third part of the project is the binary dev_bestia_cargo_completion
Full auto-completion for cargo-auto and automation_tasks_rs and partial auto-completion for cargo in bash.
It just needs a bash command to define the auto_completion for cargo in bash:

cargo install dev_bestia_cargo_completion
complete -C "dev_bestia_cargo_completion" cargo

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