Capture same variable in a closure in different ways

Hi, I have this block of code

query = query.bind((format!("select_{i}"), &selects[i]));

where query doesn't implement copy and bind() method takes ownership of self and return new type of Self
so if this make sense, when I put this block of code inside a closure like .for_each() or .map(), the query get captured by ownership, but what I want is capturing query by mutable reference so I can keep modifying the same query that I passed to the closure

this another example with the errors:

	.map(|(i, select)| {
		query = query.bind((format!("select_{i}"), select));
cannot move out of `query`, a captured variable in an `FnMut` closure
move occurs because `query` has type `surrealdb::method::Query<'_, surrealdb::engine::remote::ws::Client>`, which does not implement the `Copy` trait

it works If I did this:

let mut result = String::new();
for i in 0..selects.len() {
	query = query.bind((format!("select_{i}"), &selects[i]));
	if i != selects.len() - 1 {

If query.bind requires ownership, capturing by mutable reference wouldn't work. I don't see a problem with using a for-loop, though I'd probably write something like this:

let mut strings = Vec::with_capacity(selects.len());

for (i, select) in selects.iter().enumerate() {
	query = query.bind((format!("select_{i}"), select));

let result = strings.join(",");

that's what I a summed as will, so iterators every were not ideal

If you need to change state beyond the iterator, for-loops are often easier than trying to use iterator combinators all the way. I assume you could do something weird with fold, storing query in the accumulator, but like I said, I prefer the good ol' for-loop in such scenarios.


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