Can't get Servo/Ipc-channel to work for trivial example

I have a stupid question related to Servo's Ipc-Channel. See here: Why can I only connect to IpcSender and not IpcReceiver? · Issue #306 · servo/ipc-channel · GitHub

And here: ipc - Can't Pass Messages with Servo/Ipc_channel for Rust - Stack Overflow

In essence what I want to do is create a pubsub server in one process and then spawn a child process and send the server name. In the child process I would connect to the server via the server name. I should be able to send information from both the child process and the parent process and have those messages be able to be read in both the child and parent.

I don't know how to do this because only IpcSender can connect to a named server and IpcReceiver can't. There are some fancy ways of embedding IpcSenders within channels and then wrapping and unwrapping them, but I don't want anything that complicated, and I don't know why this should be necessary.

Can anyone help? Thanks!

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