Can't get data from table (tokio_postgres)

I use actix and tokio_postgres lib

How i can get several users from table and serialize them?

Now i can get only one user

pub async fn user_list(db_pool: web::Data<Pool>) -> Result<HttpResponse, Error> {
    let client: Client = db_pool

    let rows = client.query("select * from users", &[]).await.unwrap();

    let user = User {
        email: rows[0].get(1),
        login: rows[0].get(2),

    return Ok(HttpResponse::Ok().json(user));

In your code rows is an array. So you need to loop over all the elements of that array (kids to day like to say `iterate').

I have toyed with such an example when starting out with the Rocket web server. It looks like this:

struct Person {
    id: i64,
    name: String,
    data: Option<Vec<u8>>,

struct Persons {
    persons: Vec<Person>,

fn api_persons(model: State<Model>) -> Json<Persons> {
    let mut conn = model.connect();
    let rows = conn
        .query("SELECT id, name, data FROM person", &[])

    let mut results = Persons { persons: vec![] };

    for row in &rows {
        let person = Person {
            id: row.get(0),
            name: row.get(1),
            data: row.get(2),

What I wantto know is how you made that tokio-postgres database connection pool?

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