Cannot use feature(doc_spotlight)

I would like to try new spotlight doc attribute but, although i'm using nightly build, it seems that needed feature(doc_spotlight) is unknown:

error[E0635]: unknown feature `doc_spotlight`
--> src/
 | #![feature(doc_spotlight)]
 |            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Any ideas?

Which nightly are you using? Try a rustup update.

I'm using the latest one:

1.44.0-nightly (3712e11a8 2020-04-12)

playground doesn't seem to recognize it either



many thanks, i don't check all PR and commits. I deduce that documentation is not updated.

If you've got time, would you be able to create a PR to update the bits of documentation you were using? That way you'll be able to help the next guy who's struggling with the doc_spotlight feature.


I'm reading documentation at this URL:

I don't know exactly which sources this documentation is built from. I only found that documentation in rust repo by checking out branch to-be-dev-nightly, but that branch doesn't exist anymore. Do you know what was the purpose of that branch?

It looks like this is already removed from the version of the Unstable Book that ships with the nightly toolchain.


it would be interesting to know when and where is originated the documentation at this URL:

and why it's not updated.

That's the version that ships with the stable toolchain, so it currently shows the documentation from Rust 1.42.0. It's updated every six weeks, when a new version of Rust is released.

Perhaps for the unstable book specifically, the web site should link to the nightly version instead of the stable version.

Update: Filed

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Oh, i thought that should already be linked to nightly unstable book. Thank you very much for the PR.

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