Cannot read avro schema without the 'avro' feature enabled

use datafusion::arrow::util::pretty;
use datafusion::error::Result;
use datafusion::prelude::*;
async fn main() -> Result<()> {
     let ctx = SessionContext::new();
     let avro_file = "binary.avro";
     ctx.register_avro("alltypes_plain", avro_file, AvroReadOptions::default())
     // it warns: Error: NotImplemented("cannot read avro schema without the 'avro' feature enabled")

how to read avro file?

As the error message indicates, you need to enable the "avro" feature on datafusion

Edit your Cargo.toml, replacing the datafusion dependency with

datafusion = { version = "12.0.0", features = ["avro"] }

(the version can be whatever you need it to be)

If you already had features enabled for datafusion, you just need to add "avro" to the list.

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