Cannot download rust src

every time I tried to download I get a not found error page

Not Found Error Page

Where did you get this link? If it is somewhere on the official site, this seems to be a bug.

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Looks like the broken link is here :

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the link is the not found page link when I try to download the source code.
why does the source code need to be downloaded separately, wouldn't it be better if rustup adds it when new version is updated and call it from there when ever something needs to be compiled against the source code.

Why are you downloading the rust source code? Rustup should do this automatically. If it doesn't, you can get away with saying

rustup component add rust-src

Thanks to @OvermindDL1

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RUST SRC PATH environment variable

I get this

rustup component install rust-src
error: Found argument 'install' which wasn't expected, or isn't valid in this context

rustup component

For more information try --help


rustup component add rust-src
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where does rust add these rust-src I am using linux


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Is this broken link going to get fixed??

you might want to file an issue here about the broken link on the rust-forge site : Issues · rust-lang/rust-forge · GitHub

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