Cannot Convert enum to u8

I am using nothing but rmp in this case. I have tried #[repr(u8)] and adding pub to the enum.

As you guess, I am very new to rust.

enum PacketType {
    ChangeKeys {
        cipher_key: Vec<u8>,
    Disconnect {
        error_code: bool,
fn encode_connect(client_type: u8, key: Vec<u8>) -> Vec<u8> {
    let mut buf = Vec::new();

    rmp::encode::write_u8(&mut buf, PacketType::Connect as u8).unwrap();
    rmp::encode::write_bin(&mut buf, &key.into_raw_parts())

You can only cast an enum to an integer if no variants have any fields.

Apparently there is no safe way yet(?) to do what you want directly

You can either use the code from the example or match all variants and do it yourself.

Edit: Another example here discriminant in std::mem - Rust

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