Canadian Rust Communities


I will be joining my partner in Canada between July 2015 until Jan 2016, as she is under 30 and got a working visa for up to 2 years (starting from July 2015). We plan to make our way to Toronto initially, and have booked a return flight back to Sydney in early 2016, as I am over 30 and only eligible for a tourist visa valid for 6 months.

As I’m not allowed to work in Canada, I intend to continue to learn through open-source (i.e. Servo) and go on tours of developer communities.

Where are the most active Rust communities in Canada?


I don’t know about Rust communities specifically, but in the Southern Ontario region generally there is a good tech community.

In Toronto itself there’s a cluster of software companies/startups, and meetups etc. organized around them. Mozilla actually has an office there, although I don’t know how much Rust/Servo they do. There’s also the University of Toronto, which has a strong CS/Engineering program and associated student community.

A bit farther out, the town of Kitchener-Waterloo is also a big technology hub. The University of Waterloo is well known for computer science and engineering, and there’s a vibrant tech/startup scene in the area. The town itself is much smaller than Toronto, but the concentration of tech people may be higher.

If you do find any Rust-specific events, please do post them here and I might see you there!


We ran an inaugural Toronto Rust meetup in the Mozilla office last… October, I think? We haven’t put together any events since then, unfortunately.


I’ve been hoping to get a new Rust Toronto meetup for ~May since I’m gone for the summer after that, and it would approximately coincide with 1.0. It’s been kinda awkward for me to try to schedule stuff since I’m in Ottawa and don’t drive; getting there is pretty nasty. Especially if I have class the next day.

Anyway what we need is people with subjects they want to talk about. As always I’m willing to “fill in” with some rant on whatever, but I’d love to get other people’s impressions on things!

Loose notes on my weak effort to start ramping up organization:

  • I’ve ping’d @cgaebel, and iirc they were interested in talking about problems with the compiler
  • Waterloo has a big rust-graphics/gamedev community. @kvark @csheratt @luqmana are names I know off the top of my head from last time.
  • @bfops might be interested in talking about playform
  • I’m constantly harassing @cmr to show up, but they have similar problems to me and need a passport
  • Maybe we could trick @steveklabnik to show up and present something? He seems to hate being home :wink:
  • @jdm maybe could trick other Mozilla people into doing anything? Is Rust stuff in Toronto still mostly you (apologies to [PERSONS] if that hasn’t ever been the case)?


I’d be happy to talk about gfx_scene if there is enough interest and not enough speakers with more important stuff :wink:


I’d love to hear about gfx_scene


I’m interested to know what gfx_scene is all about. I can’t quite work out what it’s all about from from the Readme file of the GitHub repo that you’ve shared.


I’d also like to hear about gfx_scene!