Can we please add a "Off Topic" section?

Can we please add a “Off Topic” section?

The lack of replies should have made this clear already, but I’m gonna ask the question explicitly anyway.

Why do you think a new section called ‘off-topic’ is missing from this forum?

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I have been on another community before using discourse and they have off topic and you can literally talk about anything that is completely not related to the Operating System (as their forum page is about ArchLabs).

There is always the uncategorized section.

Having an off-topic section depends on there being more than 1 person willing to talk about topics unrelated to Rust. There are probably some people on this forum that fit that description, but most people come here to get or provide help as Rust programmer.

If you feel the urge to talk about something non-rust related, go for it as long as you stay within the uncategorized section. This is asked of us in the FAQ.

If these topics attract some/many community members that’s proof for a need of an off-topic section. This would probably lead to the official introduction of an off-topic section. Although nothing is guaranteed; allowing this will also probably lead to a lot more work from moderators.

I see, thanks for letting me know I never knew that the uncatagorized section allows people to talk whatever they want.

As a moderator, I’d like to ask that all posts here stay on the topic of Rust. Just keeping up with the Rust-related posts is a big enough job for us.


As a user of this forum i would be really annoyed if i would need to start to filter out my RSS feed from off-topic posts i come here for the sole propose to inform and lern stuff around rust IMO there are more as enough places in the internet where you can discuss what ever you want but please let this place be on topic.