Can we have an interactive way of learning Rust?

You know sites like CodeCademy and Khan Academy how they have an interactive way of teaching, can we have something for Rust? Cause there are not many tutorials out there for Rust compared to C++ and it is actually harder to learn Rust than C++ due to lack of quality and quantity of tutorials out there.

I think you should follow Rust exercises in exercism, for an interactive way of learning Rust.

lack of quality and quantity of tutorials out there

I would disagree here. I found online book (also available as hard copy and Programming Rust are of decent quality, they explain the concepts very well - with enough examples, and diagrams. Also sometimes compares them with C, C++ and Python.


For the exercism, how does it exactly work, so I download their work, do their tutorial exericse and then upload to the site and does it have an automated system that checks if the work has been done correctly?

Looks like they have mentors approve the work:


into_rust() is a short set of video tutorials with exercises, aimed at complete beginners. It’s somewhat similar to the Khan Academy approach.

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I am not sure how to couch this without seeming adversarial, but the notion that there are not good learning materials freely available for rust is just counter-factual. This is a good place to start if google has failed you:

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I see

Thanks for that

Codewars is another good option. You can edit the code in the browser and they have a fundamentals category for exercises. They support 20+ languages as well.


My interactive learning of Rust was with long conversations with the Rust compiler. In general it has very good error messages and guides one in the right direction when one gets things wrong.

That and using rust-analyser in VScode. Which shows you what types the compiler will see and what you are doing wrong in real-time as you type it.

Far from being poor quality I would say the Rust Book is very good: The Rust Programming Language - The Rust Programming Language as is Rust By Example: Introduction - Rust By Example

For video Ryan Levick has made some nice beginner level tutorials.


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There are also the Rustlings.

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Isn't Rustlings exactly this?

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