Can we flush with write and Frame

I have a simple code with a while loop which write to a websocket. As long as the loop is not complete, nothing shows on the client side (the message is not transmitted). Is there a way to flush to allow immediate writing?

My code:

extern crate log;

mod analysis;
use crate::analysis::{Init, Data};
use protobuf::{
    CodedInputStream, CodedOutputStream, Message, ProtobufResult, RepeatedField
use serde::{Deserialize, Serialize};
use std::time::{Duration, Instant};
use actix::prelude::*;
use actix_files as fs;
use actix_web::{
    middleware, web, App, Error, HttpRequest, HttpResponse, HttpServer
use actix_web_actors::ws;
use actix::Context;
use std::net::{TcpListener, TcpStream, IpAddr, Ipv4Addr, SocketAddr};
use std::io::{ self, BufReader, BufWriter, Read };
use std::fs::File;
use std::{thread, time};

/// do websocket handshake and start `MyWebSocket` actor
fn ws_index(r: HttpRequest, stream: web::Payload) -> Result<HttpResponse, Error> {
    println!("{:?}", r);
    let res = ws::start(Ws, &r, stream);
    println!("{:?}", res.as_ref().unwrap());

struct Ws;

impl Actor for Ws {
    type Context = ws::WebsocketContext<Self>;

/// Handler for `ws::Message`
impl StreamHandler<ws::Message, ws::ProtocolError> for Ws {
    fn started(&mut self, ctx: &mut Self::Context) {
        println!("WebSocket session openned");

    fn finished(&mut self, ctx: &mut Self::Context) {
        println!("WebSocket session closed");
    fn handle(&mut self, msg: ws::Message, ctx: &mut Self::Context) {
        // process websocket messages
        match msg {
            ws::Message::Ping(msg) => {
            ws::Message::Pong(_) => {
            ws::Message::Text(text) => {
                println!("WS: {:?}", text);
                let ten_millis = time::Duration::from_millis(100);
                while(true) {
                    // ctx.flush();

            ws::Message::Binary(bin) => {
            ws::Message::Close(_) => {
            ws::Message::Nop => (),

fn main() -> io::Result<()> {
    std::env::set_var("RUST_LOG", "actix_server=info,actix_web=info");
    HttpServer::new(|| {
            // enable logger
            // websocket route
            // static files
            .service(fs::Files::new("/", "static/").index_file("index.html"))
    // start http server on

Here is the library reference:
/// Send text frame
pub fn text<T: Into>(&mut self, text: T) {
self.write(Frame::message(text.into(), OpCode::Text, true, false));

while(true) {
    // ctx.flush();


Did you ever get this working? I'm trying to do something similar but can't figure how to.

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