Can wasm32 compile time often be 10x faster than x86_64 compile time?

Context: nearly same code (slightly different dependencies), both have Cargo.toml: incremental = true, similar config settings.

The wasm32 rebuild time is blazingly fast, often < 1 s. The x86_64 rebuild is always (high) single digit seconds. I am trying to figure out if:

  1. this is normal
  2. this is likely due to different dependencies for wasm32/x86_64 crates
  3. I am doing something stupid
  4. llvm? (wasm32 no llvm, x86_64 uses llvm ?)

Which dependencies? My guess is that this is something platform related (e.g. windows crate vs some js bindings) and the x86_64 dependency introduces a lot more code that needs to be compiled.

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