Can rust be used to create graphical applications?

Hello everyone, I am new here, well .. I want to learn oxide and I would like to create a project to start a simple physics simulator, for this I need to handle graphical interfaces and I would like to know if it is possible to make this type of applications in rust.

This is an image of the program that I am making in python and I would like to build it in rust. may be helpful.



GUI toolkits aren't usually Rust's strong point, because they're often designed for specific languages other than Rust (e.g. C++ for Qt, or Swift for Apple's OSes) and tend to rely on OOP with inheritance and mutability, which Rust doesn't like.

But the type of application from your screenshot looks like it has more graphics than GUI widgets, and doesn't necessarily need a specific native toolkit. For this type of application Rust does have a good solution:

I've used it in combination with macroquad:

and this is a pretty nice solution. It gives you a very easy to manage stateless/immediate-mode GUI with GPU acceleration, and portability across many platforms, even the Web.


you could use the amazing rust-sfml crate for example look the cursor example

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