Can I used a symbolic debugger for tests?

I would like to use a symbolic debugger in my tests.

I can find no useful information on how to do it.

I am using emacs + rustic

I did find this on stack overfull but I could make no sense of it

If I want to run my tests under a debugger, I'll first run cargo test --no-run to compile the binary, then take the path to the test executable and run it with gdb (e.g. gdb target/debug/buggin-70708b3916187eeb).

From there, it's just a case of creating breakpoints and using gdb like you normally would.

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I tried that, but my target/debug has nothing like that.

In target/debug/deps/ there is a midi_driver-6f6acf36d04c2979 (midi_driver being the name of my executable) and that seems to be what I am looking for.

Thank you

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