Can I force cargo to use a yanked version?

Hi, I want to purposefully include a yanked version of a library into my project for a CTF challenge I'm building. Is there a cargo flag to force this? Or do I have to manually edit the lock-file to convince cargo?

I don't think vanilla Cargo has a flag or configuration value you can set (and I don't know any extension for this either—it's a rather strange and potentially dangerous thing to do in anything but academic contexts). From the docs:

Cargo will not use a yanked version for any new project or checkout without a pre-existing lockfile, and will generate an error if there are no longer any compatible versions for your crate.

So I guess you have to manually edit Cargo.lock.


If the repository still exists, you can also vendor that library directly (typically as a Git submodule) and manually specify its path in Cargo.toml.

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