Can `Box::into_raw` return `NonNull`?

The pointer will be properly aligned and non-null.

Sometimes we take its return value for use in a NonNull. But NonNull::new returns an Option which needs an extra unwrap. I'm against unwrap in general, and in this example, it's like we are converting NonNull to * mut to NonNull itself. Is there any consideration against returning NonNull for functions like Box::into_raw that we know return a non-null pointer?

The only thing I can think of is NonNull is covariant while * mut is invariant. This raises a related question whether NonNull is losing orthogonality by combining non-null and covariance in one data structure. Is there a need for something like RawNonNull which only exhibits non-null and nothing else?

Box::into_raw doesn’t do that because it was stabilized before NonNull was.



because that's the type that from_raw_parts takes
src: comments below the linked issue


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