Calling all Rust developers #JunoHack

Join JunoHack 2021 starting tomorrow August 1st and deploy your own smart contract on the Juno testnet. A total of 1.1 Million $Juno are allocated to a broad list of sub categories.

Learn about JunoHack here: JunoHack 2021 — Path to adoption. On August 1st 2021 JunoHack will start… | by Junø | Jul, 2021 | Medium

:white_check_mark: Join the Juno social groups & channels!
Developers & validators please prioritize the designated sub channel on Discord.

:white_check_mark: Discord: Juno


Cosmwasm+Rust is awesome to write smartcontracts. :hammer_and_wrench:

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Forgive me if I am out of the picture but what is "Juno"?

Apparently it's of some value: "A total of 1.1 Million $Juno are allocated...". What is that it real dollars, euros, whatever?

How many thousand "crypto currency"/"smart contract" systems do we need? They seem to sprout like weeds. Why?


Juno is the first smart contract blockchain with fully interoperable smart contract capabilities. In short, deploying contracts on Juno will allow your dapp to communicate with 220+ sovereign blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem and soon with the entire blockchain space at large including Ethereum and others.

$Juno is the native asset of the network. Essentially it secures the network (proof of stake), key to onchain governance and asset used to deploy contracts.

For JunoHack 1.1 Million Juno are allocated from the genesis supply to developers in Phase 1 (testnet challenge) and another 1.1 Million for mainnet deployment in the fall.

Here a simple introduction: Junø. An interoperable smart contract hub… | by Junø | Medium

Actually, folks, let’s limit the discussion here (as usual) to Rust-related questions or comments. More general discussion of Juno can take place at the sites linked above.

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