Call for Rust-related photos and media


For the 1.0 celebration I’d like to put together a slide show representing community activity in Rust for the last 5 years. We’ll run this slide show during mingling at the various release parties that are sure to happen :wink: There have been many meetups over the years and I suspect a few pictures must have been taken. I know there have been quite a few Rust-inspired crafts and such.

I want it all.

If you want your pre-Rust-1.0 experience immortalized post your media here or send it to me at


There’s a few pics in . I can probably rustle up some high-res versions if desired (that said, all were taken by @SimonSapin, so maybe he’d be a better source).


Thanks @huon! Here’s 20 chars of appreciation.


Here’s @cmr’s 3d-printed Rust logo


The UVA class took a group picture


Rustacean graphic is here


Bumping this. Tell me you’ve got something good @sanxiyn.


Note, it’s probably best if we have explicit permission from any people appearing in photos to circulate that media.


The meetup pages often have event pictures: