Cache for either sync or async I/O

I'm working on a crate that is meant to handle sync or async I/O, so I'd like to store the values as either Option<Value> or Future<Option<Value>>.

Then I have a fetch_file and fetch_file_sync where the sync will reject if the file is cached async, but async should also be able to return a cached sync.

I'm struggling to design the proper signatures and entries to store the values and return them.
I'm using Rc, but I could also use a reference or Arc if that works better:

It's meant to be +/- port of

Is such API possible in stable Rust at the moment?

Mixing the two will make things exponentially more complex. I suggest implementing them separately, or treating everything as async (sync I/O is a case of async spawn).

Futures have a single owner, which means only one thing can wait on them. But in a cache you will have potentially any number of callers waiting for the same future. For this, you'll need to make it Shared:

Arc is advised, since Rc is non-Send, and non-Send futures are much harder to work with.


Thank you @kornel!

With your advice I got it mostly to work!

I ran into an issue with RefCell on HashMap cache tho, which I'm not sure if its solvable using Rc - I need to make sure that my borrow is not extending to the async so that two fetch_file can borrow the same cache.

Here's the failing test -

Am I using RefCell properly here?

In case of hashmaps the trick is to clone their content while you have the lock, and immediately drop the lock.

Make ResourceStatus cloneable, and then:

        let opt = cache.entry(full_path.to_owned()).or_insert_with(|| {
            let res = read_resource(full_path.clone()).boxed_local().shared();
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BTW, when an async function doesn't need arguments while awaiting (like in your case), it's efficient to change async fn to regular fn that returns impl Future.
async fn creates a future that holds a copy of its arguments, which is limiting for callers.



How should I wrap a non-feature in Feature for the return type impl Future in the Sync branch in such case?

Looking for a Rust equiv of JS'es return Promise.resolve(value);

async move {} is Promise.resolve(). You will have to wrap both together, because impl Trait wants one type only, and every future is a unique snowflake.


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