C++ stl equivalent in rust?

do we have c++ stl equivalent in rust?? Can I completely switch to Rust for competitive programming? or stick with c++??

I have used Rust for competitions like NCPC with great success. There are a few things missing like randomness, but otherwise the standard library generally has what I've needed.

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This depends mostly on the environment.

If they insist on using debug builds (that are ≈50× slower) and refuse to let you use crates (like regex), then you're probably not going to have a good time, and would often be better off with a language with a kitchen-sink library, like Java.

If someone reasonable has set up the environment, including a couple of basic crates and using release builds to run things, then Rust is a perfectly reasonable choice.

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The vast vast majority of such sites will have an environment that uses release builds but do not provide any crates.

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