Bus Factor +1 for crates


The rust-bus user is visible on crates.io crate pages. I think that’s enough, but feel free to add a badge to your repos if you like.


Added rust-bus-owner for two crates, but only the first got through. Some bot hit API limits? Or is it manually approved?


Crates.io requires them to be approved manually. I’ve added the second one too.


What about an organization for the purpose of squatting crates? Since crates.io doesn’t have any formal way to release squatted crates for others to claim, we could have an organization whose purpose is to hold squatted crates so that other people could apply for those crate names for their own crates.

Additionally, we could preemptively start squatting any good unclaimed crate names, to prevent anyone from maliciously squatting them which is a problem that crates.io still doesn’t want to clamp down on.

I have around 400 -sys creates that I no longer want due to changing the organization of winapi, so I’d be happy to take the charge on something like this.


What if just rust-bus them all?

for i in *-sys; do (cd $i && cargo owner --add rust-bus-owner); done


That’d be great. Go ahead.


Thanks for the advice but right now there is still some discussion going on on squatting such as this.


Shouldn’t this be something built-in into crates.io? Maybe with an opt-out? A crate without an update for year (or without someone manually clicking some button or something), would be marked as orphaned, and could be requested for re-assignment (that would go through manual vetting, etc.)