Building rustc on x86-64 linux against LibreSSL 3.7.2

Dear gurus et al.,


LibreSSL 3.7.2 was released on April 8th.

Something called "Crate openssl" has a version 0.10.52 that says it supports it,
not sure of the release date but likely recent as LibreSSL 3.7.2 is first stable
in LibreSSL 3.7.x branch.

Trying to build rustc 1.69.0 according to BLFS instructions at:

(trying 1.69.0 because 1.67.1 specified there has same issue)

The build dies because my version of LibreSSL is newer than the most recently
version in the rustc build.

A) Does the includion of LibreSSL 3.7.x in "Crate openssl" 0.10.52 mean that
support is coming to rustc?

B) If "Crate opennsl" is part of rust-c build, can I update the "config.toml" to
tell it to use "Crate openssl" 0.10.52 ?

C) Instead of B, would it be possible to update "config.toml" to skip the
OpenSSL support and build "Crate openssl" 0.10.52 ?

D) Would it just be better to wait until rustc 1.69.1 or will that also likely
not have LibreSSL 3.7.x support?

I'm not in critical need of rustc, it's just required to build
python-cyptography from source, but python-cryptography does also work as a pip3
install w/ static linking provided from a prebuilt wheel. I just prefer local

I will however be needing the rust compiler for other things in not too-distant

Thank you for your time.

Okay I poked around inside the rustc source and it looks like it has rust-openssl
v0.10.38 from October 31 2021 in it, while github rust-openssl is at v0.10.52
from a few weeks ago.

Looks like it takes awhile to get the github rust-opensll into the rust-c source.

If the six-week release cycle for rustc is approximately accurate, then I'll try
in beginning june and if rust-openssl still isn't new enough I guess I'll have
the pleasure of trying to manually updating rustc source before building.

It looks like the rustc bundled rust-openssl also doesn't support OpenSSL 3.1.0
(released Mar 7) so I presume rustc will update it's internal rust-openssl soon
anyway, hopefully solving my LibreSSL issue at same time.

Patience is a virtue, or something like that...

An update to openssl-sys landed 2 weeks ago: PR#110951 and should be in release builds for 1.71.0 (which should be released in July)

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