Build Errors when using --enable-local-rust


I’m trying to build rust 1.1.0 from source with gcc 4.8.1. I’m using --enable-local-rust because my build environment cannot curl out to the web to download a snapshot. I tried building with a prebuilt 1.1.0, but got these errors: With 1.0.0, I got far fewer errors, but still encountered errors: What version of Rust should I be using to build 1.1.0?


You’d need a nightly that matches 1.1.0’s snapshot compiler’s version closely. This option is not (not yet at least) intended to work with stable releases of Rust.


What’s the best way to determine what snapshot to use?


Snapshot to use is recorded in src/snapshots.txt. For 1.1.0, it’s here.


For anyone else hitting this for 1.1.0, the linux x86_64 binary for this is

Thanks for the help everyone!