`build-dependencies` dependency resolution problem

I have crate A that depends on crate B. They live in the same workspace. The crate B has a build dependency link to crate A i.e. its build.rs uses code from A.

Cargo reports dependency cycle. According to the docs build.rs script lives in a different dependency space from the crate it is a part of.

In my understanding there should be no cyclic dependency as the build.rs script from crate B uses directly crate A which uses B and crate B doesn't use code from A, only its build script does so.

Is this a bug in Cargo or I'm getting this completely wrong?

Here is a Cargo test to demonstrate the problem:

fn build_script_cycle() {
    let p = project()
                name = "a"
                version = "0.1.0"


                b = { path = "../b" }
        ).file("a/src/lib.rs", "")
                name = "b"
                version = "0.1.0"


                a = { path = "../a" }
        ).file("b/src/lib.rs", "")
                members = [

B using code from A isn't the problem, it's that you need A to build B. This is the case whether it's a build dependency or a normal one. To build B you first need to build A to run the build script, and to build A you need to build B, and we're right back where we started.

Ah, that makes perfect sense. Thanks!

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