Bug in published crate

I published tamil crate which is a pure library without a binary. However when I install there is an error message on the system console complaining about lack of binaries, but library crate is installed.

Simple use of installed crate works out okay.

What am I doing wrong?

However when I install

What are you installing? What command are you using to install it?

there is an error message

Would probably be useful to have it in order to understand better what's going on.

I assume what you did and what failed was cargo install tamil?
If so cargo install is explicitly to install binaries from crates hosted on crates.io

If someone wants to use your library they wouldn't cargo install it.
They would add it as a dependency to their own crate. cargo then takes take of downloading, building and linking it into the user's program.


Command is simple,

cargo install tamil

Gotcha! I have a Python world view here. Great snakes!


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